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Sport Streams on your PC

Welcome to Wiziwig - best schedules and streams for every kind of sport. We love sports and that is why we decided to create this project. Everybody know that feeling when you have to just sit in front of your radio and listening - it is much better if you can watch every action live.

And for live action and sport streams is Wiziwig right choice. Online TV channels and links to sport streams every day with well aranged schedules. Wiziwig is simply nr. 1 at collecting stremas from around the world.

Wiziwig News

Published on: 25/07/13
Welcome to Wiziwig.bz, new WIZIWIG mirror site. We are sport streaming aggregator with special collections of high quality sport streams with reduced amount of advertisements.

Just click on LIVE SPORTS section or one of the categories located above to display list of streams. Then click on one of the streams and you are ready to watch the greatest match in sport history - if you got lucky. We don't have any crystal ball to predict the future and we cannot assure your time here will be worth spending, BUT we DO possess a "high quality streams" certificate... somewhere in the bottom of a lowest drawer

Sit down, relax, fix yourself some really good drink (but not alcohol!) and enjoy watching... cheers! Your Wiziwig team